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Phone06.com User Information Phone06.com relies in a large part of the data it collects on users' inputs about their phones and tablets, and therefore the site administration does not bear any error in the data entered by the user Phone06.com collects user and visitor information for the purpose of keeping their phones and tablets against theft and fraud as their property. Your information is also collected for the purpose of improving and promoting our services and you can refuse this through the means available on Phone06.com Seril number

Phone06.com may collect from Users contact information such as:

  • First name, last name, street name, region, city, email address, phone numbers, GPS location, Seril number of your devices, and date of birth of device owners
  • Information related to device registration requests for account holders, customer service inquiries, and social media preferences
  • Users of the site are obligated to answer insurance questions to ensure that the visitor is the owner of the device who wants to view his data or register a new device Phone06.com collects technical user information such as: The hardware MAC address, type of computer or device, screen resolution, operating system version, Internet browser and pixel tags, web counters, and other similar technologies
  • Demographic data, such as: your location, gender, and date of birth
  • PII is collected in a manner that does not identify individuals or any user and does not reveal identity, and we, along with a third party service provider, may also use cookies, to provide a better service and to view information about cookies, you can visit the website www.allaboutcookies. org
  • The IP address of the device used to visit Phone06.com is automatically assigned by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). It is recorded in log files on our server when users visit Phone06.com, as well as when they visit or use the site.

  • Device registration or ownership transfer information

    The personal information required to implement the process of registering devices with the names of their potential owners includes the name, phone number, address, e-mail address, serial number, phone type and other similar information used such as insurance questions to identify you to make sure that you are the owner of the device. And your personal information will be used to keep your phone or tablet and this information will not be shared with any of our business partners or companies without your permission and it will be treated confidentially within the limits of applicable legislation

    Use of information

  • We sometimes use web analytics software to track and analyze Phone06.com's traffic for advertisements and promotion of services, and the site's administration may publish or share these statistics with third parties, not including PII.
  • Phone06.com uses PII to create accounts for customers for the purpose of communicating with them and trying to provide additional services, in addition to promotional and special offers, and customers may choose not to receive promotional communications
  • PII information may be disclosed to some legal authorities under official decisions of the competent authorities
  • Information is not sold or disclosed except in accordance with the Privacy Policy without your permission
  • Part of your personal information may be disclosed for the purpose of protecting our legal rights, in accordance with approved legal procedures and in accordance with international and local standards

  • Protecting your personal information

    Phone06.com contains the means to secure information about the user and the most important data, and it is stored encrypted

    Change in privacy policy

    Sometimes we change the privacy policy at any time and it is published on the Phone06.com pages for that

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